Scalable and flexible recruitment solutions when business needs it

At greenbean, we’re proud to offer dynamic RPO solutions, offering you the competitive edge in talent acquisition.

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Streamline and refine your recruitment process

30 years of experience in delivering partnership-based recruitment models across the UK has taught us a thing or two. As your collaborative business partner, we act as an extension of you, from culture to logistics. greenbean integrates seamlessly into your business, supporting growth, business change and helping to deliver results as fast as you need them.

greenbean’s bespoke RPO model is designed to coordinate with your business, allowing you to stand out in the highly competitive candidate landscape. Our robust and transparent resourcing model is designed with the understanding that the competitiveness of talent acquisition demands a creative and unique approach. We are proud to have defined a new benchmark for RPO, offering a result driven service that secures the highest quality talent.


greenbean approaches RPO differently


greenbean are passionate about offering a seamless recruitment experience. Our service is easily implemented and our agile team integrates fully with yours. greenbean RPO is entirely scalable and crafted to suit each of our partners, regardless of their size or requirements. From both recruiter and candidate perspectives, greenbean RPO is delivered in complete cohesion.


As industry leaders, and all-round good people, we’re committed to working with integrity in all aspects of our service. We offer full transparency on how we deliver RPO, so you know exactly what you’re getting from us. We also follow entirely ethical hiring practices, ensuring your hiring considers diversity and equality as well as quality and cultural fit.


Underpinned by three decades of experience, greenbean RPO utilises technology to revitalise the traditional RPO model. We enhance our offering with digital solutions without replacing the essential human influence. We create engaging recruitment campaigns that break through the noise and effectively engage high quality candidates and bring your employer brand to life.

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