4 Things Every Modern Workspace Needs to Offer

England is beginning to ease COVID-19 restrictions. In line with this, the government is encouraging a gradual return to the workplace, which means employees may soon be back in the office.

Safety is one of the major concerns with reopening; employee satisfaction is another. After months of working remotely, lots of employees may not be looking forward to going back to in-office work. You can help employees readjust, promote work-life balance, and increase productivity by upgrading your workspace. Here are four things every modern workspace should offer to keep employees happy and healthy:

1. Wellness rooms

If you have the resources, you can prepare a wellness room for your employees. This is a space that encourages exercise and well-being. After all, health has never been a greater concern than it is now. Many applicants choose their jobs based on company amenities. You can convert a large room into an area for gym equipment, yoga mats, showers, and a healthy food pantry.

Employee health has a direct correlation to work performance. If your employees are healthy, they’re not going to take many sick days. In fact, a British Heart Foundation study found that fitness programs reduced absenteeism by nearly 20%, with 27% fewer sick days among employees who were physically active. You can also host fitness activities that help promote camaraderie, teamwork, and social interaction to improve relationships between employees.

2. Ergonomic furniture and accessories

Ergonomics is the science of arranging workplaces, products, and systems to maintain proper body mechanics. You may be surprised how much it can affect your company’s bottom line. Musculoskeletal disorders are common workplace injuries, often caused by poor ergonomics. These can affect your workers’ quality of life, decreasing their productivity, and increasing your healthcare spend.

Help your employees stay healthy by replacing traditional office furniture with sit/stand desks, height-adjustable desks, and ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic accessories like wrist rests, keyboard trays, split mechanical keyboards, and adjustable device stands complete an ergonomic workstation. These accessories support the arm and wrists, reducing the risks of postural problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Natural lighting and green elements

Biophilic design is a philosophy that comes from the terms bio (life) and philia (lover). It describes man’s innate attraction to organic and living things. These natural design elements promote health, heightened concentration, increased creativity, and improved overall performance amongst employees.

Incorporate biophilic design into your office by adding more plants, using more natural materials like wood and stone, and making way for natural lighting through large windows or glass ceilings. Even small changes like adding greens, blues, and yellows to your office colour scheme — or even hanging photos of natural landscapes — can help reduce stress and combat anxiety.

4. Outdoor spaces

A truly modern workspace should allow team members to work in various areas, including the outdoors. If your office has access to a patio, balcony, roof, or any other open-air environment, you can convert it to a functional workspace as well. Boost your WiFi signal, add chairs and tables, and let the fresh air recharge your employees’ batteries.

Freedom and a change of scenery can inspire creativity. It also opens opportunities for more people to interact, as employees aren’t constrained to their desks. This way, you can promote a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging and create an environment that allows everyone to truly flourish.

Article written by Ruth Joplin exclusively for greenbean

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