An essential service for people and businesses of all types, the utilities sector impacts everyday life across the country.

Amidst a global energy crisis, focus is shifting to renewable energy sources and candidates in the sector must be flexible in their ability to learn about green initiatives as they are introduced. greenbean identifies customer centric, future-proofed talent and delivers data driven recruitment solutions for your business. With strong ties to leading universities, greenbean can ensure your employer brand is visible to a pool of top graduates with flexible capabilities as they look to kick start their careers.

As the utility sector begins its move towards digital, we are seeing initiatives come into play that carry with them a demand for more talent. With every home expected to be equipped with a smart meter by 2024, the need for staff has surged to deliver this across the country. greenbean RPO can help meet this increased demand by creating engaging employer campaigns that attract and secure high-quality talent.

In a highly regulated industry, utilities companies must operate with full transparency in order to comply with service watchdogs including Ofgem and Ofwat. At the same time, consumer expectations are rising, as everybody looks to be on the best deal for their usage. Maintaining relationships under these circumstances requires excellent customer service. greenbean RPO can provide a reliable stream of highly competent staff who understand evolving legislation and are also customer focused.

We have provided RPO solutions to enable national utilities companies to continue providing services during unforeseeable circumstances.