By nature, the tech & digital sector evolves at an exponentially rapid rate and as such demands a continuous supply of fresh talent, skilled in the latest technologies and disciplines.

The tech talentpool is one of the most exclusive, so competition is fierce and effective engagement is essential for success. greenbean’s long standing connections in the sector are key in connecting your business to the best talent available. As part of our RPO strategy, we tap into our network to identify passive candidates and secure these highly skilled individuals. Outsourcing recruitment allows your team to focus on project management to support business growth and technological change.

As the technology sector changes, so does its recruitment needs. When you choose greenbean RPO, we build a strategic partnership with your team. Throughout the partnership, greenbean stays in tune with the latest changes to your business and the wider sector. This ensures your agile recruitment strategy is always aligned to your long term strategic goals and that your business always has a future talent pipeline. greenbean are experts in strategic talent planning so you can rest assured that your recruitment is as scalable as your wider business.

Brand new roles in the tech and digital industry are being created all the time, so recruitment in the sector cannot rely on years of experience as a defining factor in candidates. Often, a fresh and growing skillset is far more suited to your recruitment needs. Here graduate talent is a key pool to be in touch with, and greenbean engages major universities to make sure emerging tech talents are aware of your employer brand as they approach the beginning of their career. greenbean has the relationships to connect with graduate candidates and equip your team with the talent needed to advance technological change.

At greenbean, we have supported tech and digital companies facing numerous challenges, including software provider Sage and Atom Bank, the UK’s 1st digital only bank.