Facing the ever-changing challenges of the digital revolution, the manufacturing sector must look to evolve its people to keep individual companies moving at the same pace as the wider industry.

We understand that your candidate requirements are highly technical. greenbean RPO will never overlook the nuances that make each of your vacancies unique, because we understand that this is the difference between finding the right candidate or not. Our team is prepared to develop your recruitment strategy around the finer points of various technical candidate specifications. The greenbean recruitment team possess a thorough understanding of your industry and immerse themselves fully in each client’s business to ensure that the talent we identify is perfectly aligned to your needs.

greenbean is prepared to deal with the challenges of low availability of skilled labour in the manufacturing industry. As we develop the recruitment strategy for your business, we identify passive candidates from our network and offer you a wider selection of talent so you can secure the best skilled candidates. Outsourcing recruitment frees more of your team’s time, so you can focus on project management to support wider business growth and technological change.

Robotics and automation in equipment is continually evolving. At greenbean, we’re aware of the nervousness this can cause across the industry on how this will impact workforce. With greenbean RPO, our recruitment strategy will embrace this uncertainty and seek talent that are qualified to support new technology advances. With a highly skilled temporary workforce, your business will always be prepared to support new projects.

greenbean have delivered a number of talent solutions on behalf of our clients in the manufacturing sector. Our team supplies year-round temporary agency workers to the warehouse and global distribution centre for an iconic British retail brand. To find out more about how we facilitated a 600% increase in temporary workforce, read our case study below.