Whilst most businesses are struggling in the current climate to recruit skilled talent, the engineering and manufacturing sectors have felt the pressure for many years. With most companies trying to utilise skills to get to Industry 4.0 standards and with 5.0 already upon us, the ability to attract and retain a skilled workforce is critical for engineering and manufacturing businesses to keep up with the pace of change.

We understand that your candidate requirements are specific to your business. We will never overlook the nuances that make each of your vacancies unique and understand that the finer points of the various technical candidate specifications can make a significant impact to your performance. Our team have a thorough understanding of your industry and immerse themselves fully in each client’s business to ensure that the talent we identify is perfectly aligned to your needs.

Our team is prepared to deal with the challenge of limited availability of skilled and blue-collar workers. Our delivery leads are able to identify a wide range of passive candidates with technical skillsets in high demand, whilst our delivery hub have the capacity to create an engaged talent pool of blue-collar workers and deliver high-volume permanent or temporary recruitment campaigns.

Whether you operate a permanent hiring model supported with the flexibility of temporary workers and contractors, or a blend of all three, we can build a bespoke partnership model to ensure your business has the people in place to react to sudden changes in demand or new projects.

Outsourcing recruitment frees more of your team’s time, so you can focus on performance, business growth and technological change.