We are witnessing a transformational time for education. Perceptions of universities have changed and institutions have a new level of service to meet in order to engage graduates.

As the cost of higher education rises, scrutiny over institutional spending also increases, demanding justification over budget decisions such as hiring. At greenbean we have adapted our education recruitment process to emphasise high-quality, compliant candidates who sit within spending limits. Our recruitment specialists foster a network of reputable candidates who can deliver meaningful results.

In line with increased fees, is the growing global competition that universities face to attract strong prospective graduates. In order to remain competitive, institutions must strive to offer the best learning experience possible and this begins with having an enviable teaching body. Whilst greenbean RPO can deliver leading candidates for your universities requirements, our ethical approach to recruitment ensures that your team will be a diverse reflection of your student body.

We work with globally reputed educational institutes including Russel Group Durham University. greenbean also maintains a long-time partnership with progressive North East institution, Northumbria University. Responsible for the supply of all temporary staff in professional support roles across all campus sites, greenbean also managed the implementation of an ATS for temporary workers. To read about the partnership in full, head to the article below.