greenbean is proud to be respected as a leader in the contact centre industry, with extensive experience of frontline, operational and senior recruitment. greenbean has very high recognition with the contact centre sector at all levels, ensuring that businesses we work with will benefit from our unrivalled expertise.

greenbean drives best practice through initiatives like the Contact Centre Partnership.  The initiative was created to support the continued growth of the sector by working to highlight contact centre careers as a ‘career of choice’ and attract a wider pool of talent as part of a long term strategic plan.

Accounting for around 4% of jobs in the UK, contact centres are an integral part of the economy, offering challenging and rewarding employment opportunities with room for plenty of career progression. As a leading light in the industry, we work with contact centre clients to challenge perceptions, demonstrate their talent proposition and ultimately fill vacancies with quality candidates.

The contact centre landscape faces a unique set of challenges, and roles within the sector often demand a niche skill set that can be a challenge to source. With greenbean you have access to our connections in the sector, so when your business looks to recruit for leadership roles, the top candidates are at the forefront of mind.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, greenbean are the RPO partner of choice for contact centres across various sectors. Some of our key experience includes facilitating a client’s move from Poland to the UK and supporting a contact centre requiring 50 compliant temps within a 24-hour window. We are also proud to have managed the recruitment process in totality for the launch of a challenger banking app, Atom. To hear more about our success stories, read the case studies below.

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