State of Recruitment Marketing in 2018

Talent Acquisition teams are always looking for ways to beat the competition to the best talent. The current paradigm is scarcity: good candidates are rare and in high demand, and in order to win them over, it’s simply not enough to rely on reactive recruiting.

Companies have to be proactive, build relationships and nurture candidates before they even have a vacancy for them.

Recruitment Marketing is how talent teams answer that challenge.

In Beamery’s annual State of Recruitment Marketing report, they explore how companies approach this function in 2018: what behaviours they have adopted, what investments they will make, and what challenges they believe are waiting for them.

They came away with a number of insights that they explore in more detail in the rest of the report.

Insight 1

77% of companies consider recruitment marketing a priority for 2018, but it is not always apparent that they are making the right investments to support it.

Insight 2

There is a skill gap in Talent Acquisition teams where marketing is concerned. It is one of the most pressing challenges that they expect to face this year, and cannot be made up for solely by increasing the spend on marketing campaigns.

Insight 3

Companies are still struggling to adopt some core recruitment marketing practices such as sophisticated nurture campaigns and well-defined employer branding, despite their central importance in recruitment marketing.

Download the ‘State of Recruitment Marketing 2018’ report from Beamery here to find out more.