Recruit like a Marketer: Talent Acquisition for the Digital Era

In customer relationship management (CRM), you engage prospects and loyal customers, learn about them, and personalise the value you offer in easy-to-use, intuitive and authentic interactions. Employers should interact with talent in similar ways. Just as the customer needs to be viewed with empathy across developing stages in the relationship, so too should candidates.

‘Recruit like a Marketer: Talent Acquisition for the Digital Era’ is a new whitepaper from our technology partner Lumesse, probing the concept of how customer relationship management and candidate relationship management share many of the same principles.

Central to all effective marketing activities is the customer. This is why leading marketers often structure campaigns to foster a prospect’s interest in an offering over time, essentially keeping a prospect (prospective customer) “warm” throughout the marketing process, while increasingly learning about that potential customer.

With today’s leading marketers, this nurturing of prospects largely takes place online, with connections initially being made, and value being shared, in digital network communities and on social media, often via mobile devices.

In recruitment, the customer is the passive candidate, and the same gradual and continuous engagement is required in the talent acquisition game. Recruiters can use similar digital tools to reach into online talent communities and industry forums that help them to make connections and fortify their talent pipeline. This prospective talent, once “engaged” needs to be managed and nurtured in a funnel-like way as you identify and qualify the best people for your organisation. Marketing tools and networks can be used to interest and engage prospective talent, while how-to videos and common cultural interests can inspire candidates toward greater intimacy with your brand and with the people who are part of it.

It’s no longer about people responding to a static job listing of yours. It’s about welcoming talented and like-minded people to interact in your community, even before they start their career with you. Good matches can take time, so nurturing the talent pipeline is critical.

An important part of this mindset shift encompasses the Seven P’s of Marketing – a common set of decision areas organisations need to consider when bringing a product or service to market. It is a well-known theory most business professionals have a grasp of and are able to easily assimilate into the world of talent acquisition.

If organisations miss out on the bigger picture of the digital network world, they end up hiring only the talent they know about and miss out on multinational recruitment possibilities, including technically skilled passive candidates everywhere. Like with marketing, you need to go deeper and wider for the leads to source  your future producers, innovators and leaders.

Download ‘Recruit like a Marketer: Talent Acquisition for the Digital Era’ from our technology partner Lumesse, and find out how you can recruit like a marketer in the Digital Age.