Inclusion and Website Accessibility – Careers and Recruitment Report

Inclusion and website accessibility have never been more important when it comes to talent acquisition.

Over the last 18 months there’s been a huge move to digital with recruitment processes relying heavily on technology. However, many candidates have encountered obstacles when researching and applying for jobs online, not to mention aptitude tests and follow-up interviews.

Organisations will likely continue to rely on new and improved digital processes to recruit, interview and onboard candidates. Therefore, it is important that businesses are aware of the troubles facing applicants when trying to navigate this online world.

In order to attract and engage underrepresented talent pools, employers must look at their recruitment practices and assess whether they can be more inclusive.  One in 7 people have a condition linked to neurodiversity2 so it’s important for businesses to consider this.

There are plenty of adjustments businesses can make to ensure their recruitment processes are inclusive, from the language used in job adverts to keeping an employee engaged after the onboarding process.

The Recite Me Careers and Recruitment Report, published July 2021, looks at the type of digital barriers users face. Who needs support online? Why is inclusive recruitment important? How can assistive technology support an inclusive candidate journey?