The Continuing Evolution of Recruitment Outsourcing

Through advances in technology and the shift toward a greater requirement for a strategic partner, recruitment outsourcing is evolving, and fast. This pace of change, accelerated by digital, is encouraging organisations and outsourcing providers to adapt, with proactivity and collaboration key to fully embedding an external provider into an employer’s recruitment strategy.

In collaboration with industry leaders HR Grapevine, Lumesse asked over 500 In-House and Agency Recruiters for their insights and opinions on the Future of Outsourced Recruitment.

Over eight in ten surveyed admitted that they didn’t completely understand the concept of Total Talent Acquisition/Total Talent Management. Just under half (44%) said they had heard of the term but weren’t clear on the concept, with a further (38%) saying they had no awareness at all.

The concept of Total Talent Management integrates the full breath of talent sources, from permanent employees through to non-permanent workers (independent contractors/consultants/ freelancers, volunteers, outsourced resources etc). The rise in a contingent workforce is growing across most organisations, driven in part by the gig economy.

Andrew Brown, Global Head of RPO, Partners and Alliances at Lumesse concluded: “Employers need to focus on the concept of work rather than jobs, which requires a new way of looking at talent and breaking down the traditions of hiring, shifting thinking toward a Total Talent Strategy. To do this both technology and recruitment outsource providers will play a key role.”

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