Contact Centre Careers

As organisations recognise the value and insight the contact centre provides to the wider business, there has never been a better time to consider contact centre careers.

British contact centres employ over 1.3 million workers, equivalent to 4% of the UK workforce and contribute in excess of £2 billion to the economy.

Customer behaviour has dramatically changed within the last 18 months, with increased acceleration towards digitalisation and self-service. This has also changed the role of the Contact Centre Advisor.

With the majority of repetitive tasks automated, the front-line customer service role has transformed with a higher value placed on their work. Contact Centre Advisors are now required to be digitally savvy whilst having meaningful and complex conversations with customers. Soft skills such as problem solving, listening and empathy cannot be replaced by automation. These skills are in high demand by employers and salaries are on the up as a result.

Career of Choice

We are committed to the continued growth and sustainability of the contact centre industry by creating a healthy pipeline of talented people considering a career within the sector.

In collaboration with some of the UK’s largest employers and global brand names we’ll highlight the amazing talent and career stories of those working behind the scenes of some of best contact centres in Europe to engage, inspire and attract a new generation of talent to the industry.

Combined with the latest interview tips and guidance from our contact centre recruitment teams, we’ll showcase what a great place the contact centre can be to build a career.

Diversity and Inclusion

The UK is renowned for being home to some of the best contact centres in Europe. To deliver a world-class customer experience, it is crucial that teams are represented by the communities in which they serve.

Contact centres are diverse workplaces. They work hard to engage and include all colleagues and foster a sense of belonging and community.

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