FACT: The right choice of RPO partner for your business will reduce recruitment costs by driving efficiencies and delivering better quality talent

The cost of recruitment is a key priority for business leaders, so HR Managers must strike a balance between adding business value and keeping costs under control.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is often perceived as an additional expense which puts further strain on your recruitment budget – but when implemented effectively RPO can help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and hire better quality candidates.

Increase efficiencies with RPO

RPO alleviates the impact of hiring fluctuations by sharing the costs and responsibilities associated with adjusting internal resource levels. Today’s agile RPO partners are able to scale to your business requirements which in turn helps you to avoid the costs and complications associated with being over or under staffed in your HR team.

From planning your attraction strategy to shortlisting and conducting interviews, recruitment is an inherently lengthy process – and time is money!

When a role is vacant, the benefit of that employee’s contribution is lost and resources are over stretched. Engaging an RPO partner reduces time to hire and the need for your business to be reactive.

Candidate attraction and retention

By having the ability to proactively tap into the talent pools provided by the right RPO partner, your business has access to a wider range of skilled talent who may not have otherwise considered joining your business.

There are also longer term cost savings associated with attrition. A good RPO partner will ensure measures are in place pre-hire to ensure candidates are a good cultural fit, with all the necessary skills needed to handle the pressures of the role.

RPO in action

greenbean by NRG partnered with a leading financial services organisation from 2007 until 2017. During this relationship, we were awarded the UK-wide RPO contract for the end-to-end delivery of all appointments.

Over the first 3 years, the greenbean team achieved 100% compliance and a 95% reduction in attraction costs. Strong relationships between the greenbean team, Operational stakeholders and Human Resources were key to the success of the partnership.

“The relationship works on a partnership basis with an open approach, transparency in commercials and the ethos that both teams deliver 100%. The greenbean by NRG team is professional, takes ownership and is a great representation of our employment brand.”

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