Louise Reed chosen as #truNewcastle Track Leader

We are delighted that Louise Reed, Head of Client Solutions at greenbeanbyNRG has been selected as a #truNewcastle Track Leader.

#truNewcastle is a Recruitment Unconference taking place on Thursday 28th March at The Centre for Life in Newcastle.

Yes, that’s right – an Unconference.

If a conference is a line-up of speakers who stand at a podium with a PowerPoint presentation, talk for 55 mins, take questions for 5 mins and then move on to the next speaker, then an un-conference is the complete opposite of that! First of all, there are no speakers, no presentations, no podiums and no being stuck in your seat for an hour being bored by someone who just isn’t entertaining or relevant to you. Instead we have track leaders, recruiting experts invited to start a conversation around topics that they feel passionately about with people who share that passion.

In a recent survey, over two thirds of candidates questioned said they’d never been asked by any of the companies that interviewed them, whether their experience was a good one (or a not so good one). Good people know other good people and in a world where candidates are in short supply (gold dust is a term often used to describe this situation) and your employer brand reputation is critical, Louise will be leading the amusingly titled ‘What Metallica Can Teach us About The Candidate Experience in Recruitment (Nothing Else Matters)’ track.

Full details of all tracks and Track Leaders can be found at trunewcastle.com

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Prices (including lunch and refreshments) are only £60+VAT per person.