New Research: The Evolution of Contact Centres

Contact centres have undergone incredible transformation and innovation this year. Covid19 was the catalyst for digital led transformation. Under normal circumstances these changes would have taken months, if not years to achieve. The Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) in partnership with Puzzel are conducting a ground-breaking 3-part programme of research to explore the evolution of contact centres.

The first wave of research conducted in August featured 11 contact centre leaders from different sectors and looked at the future direction of the industry, the strategic role of the contact centre and development of new operating models. The findings revealed six trends that have emerged and are transforming the contact centre:

Being agile delivers results

Rapid implementation of operational changes has introduced agile principles to contact centres. This will have a long lasting effect. Homeworking is here to stay.

Home working is here to stay

Flexible working will become the norm, with some organisations already transitioned to a primarily remote-based model, re-calibrating recruitment and training processes to suit.

Customer behaviours are changing

Customers quickly sifted their channel preferences are their lives changed and digital channels grew in popularity

Forging closer ties with other functions

The contact centre is closer to other functions as appreciation has grown of its role as the front line and the external face of the organisation.

The changing role of the advisor

The role and skill set of advisors is elevated as contact centres become more strategically valuable and lower-effort interactions are migrated to automation and self-service.

Contact centres are becoming more strategic

Contact centres are becoming more strategically important to organisation as customer channels proliferate and the contact centre is involved in a wider array of customer journeys.

Part 1 of the research is available to download here.

Coming next…

The second wave of CCMA’s research into the evolution of contact centres will take place in October 2020. This will involve in-depth discussions with some of the most prominent leaders in the contact centre industry. They will explore how the contact centre is further adapting across:

  • How data is collected and held in the contact centre as valuable insight that can be used for marketing and product development
  • Contact centres as a source of profit and competitive advantage
  • Getting close to the boardroom, – how contact centre leaders can wield influence in the organisation
  • The growth of digital and making the right technology decisions
  • How to get the best out of partnerships with technology vendors and transformation experts.

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