Employee engagement in the contact centre sector – how are your people feeling right now?

Employee engagement is more vital than ever during the Covid19 pandemic. Businesses are balancing the needs of front-line staff in the physical contact centre environment, working from home and furloughed. We understand the importance of ensuring that all employees feel supported and cared for. Engaged employees are essential for business recovery. How are your people are feeling right now?.

‘Keeping Connected’ contact centre specific survey

greenbean is committed to supporting the contact centre sector and has partnered with People Gauge to invite you to take part in a unique sector wide survey.

The ‘Keeping Connected’ survey is specifically for the contact centre industry. The online questionnaire will take a real time temperature check on how your people are feeling. Results are presented in a FREE report to help shape and prioritise your employee engagement activities. Outputs will also form part of a wider sector specific report.

Based on the principles of Maslow, the core People Gauge survey has been adapted to address the needs of organisations who are providing support to working or furloughed employees in relation to the Covid19 pandemic.


The survey is simple and takes less than 4 minutes for employees to complete. The tool has in-built integrity checks, does not store any personal data. Participating contact centres will receive a FREE easy to interpret report within 48 hours of the survey closing.

We invite you to take part in the FREE survey

For further information about the ‘Keeping Connected’ contact centre survey and how you may be involved please contact Leanne Chambers, Director of Client Solutions.