Building a great partnership with your RPO provider: What to consider before you commit

Even top performing internal recruitment teams benefit from outsourced support. Short-term, high-volume recruitment requirements can put pressure on resources. This can make it difficult to maintain the high standards of candidate experience and employer branding that your HR team strives to deliver.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can also benefit your recruitment operations as a whole. By providing access to expert consultancy and support, a long-term partnership with a trusted agency can deliver performance improvements across the board.

In this post, we’ve put together some pointers to consider when you’re identifying the right outsourced recruitment agency to collaborate with.

  • Integration with your processes

If you rely on outsourcing when your team has a sudden increase in vacancies to fill, it’s essential that the agency you partner with is able to integrate smoothly and complete tasks in a fuss-free manner. If the agency you appoint works very differently to your own team, this could lead to unnecessary hassle briefing and managing them, which could mean they don’t save you as much time as you’d like them to.

Making sure that the agency you select is able to fit in smoothly with your current processes is essential. By finding the right fit, you’ll have confidence that when you need to outsource, this will genuinely save you time, rather than just creating a different type of work.

Employer branding image

  • Understanding of employer brand

When you’re juggling multiple priorities and demands, it can be easy for recruitment processes to slip if your resources are strained. One of the first areas to slide is often the quality of your employer branding, which impacts on the candidate experience you’re able to provide. This can lead to a negative impact on your employer brand, and slow down the entire recruitment process, increasing costs.

If you’re outsourcing some aspects of your recruitment, it’s vital that your chosen agency is able to deliver activities with the same level of branding and attention to detail as you would do if you were executing the work yourself. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your outsourced recruitment partner has a strong understanding of your employer brand, and that they’re able to tailor their own processes and communications to reflect this. By doing so you can be sure that your outsourced recruitment activity delivers the same quality of experience as you’d be able to provide yourself.

  • Industry relevance

Industry experience can have a significant impact on the results an outsourced recruitment agency is able to deliver for your company. A recruitment partner with experience in your industry is likely to have pre-existing contacts and networks to get your brand in front of the right candidates faster.
It’s also important that your recruitment agency partner understands the challenges your industry faces, and the marketplace they’re operating in. This not only allows them to review and select high quality applicants more effectively, but also enables them to support the development of your employer brand, by understanding where you sit in the marketplace and helping to differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Responsiveness and scalability

If the goal of outsourcing your recruitment process is to enable you to scale when needed to fill high numbers of vacancies quickly, it goes without saying that your chosen partner should have the capabilities to fulfil this need.

This means partnering with an agency with the resources, skills, and experience to be able to move quickly when you need them to. It also means developing a strong relationship with them ahead of time if possible, so that they already have a detailed knowledge of your brand and internal processes and are primed and ready to go.

  • Long term strategy and relationship

While outsourcing recruitment can seem like a short-term tactical fix, it’s important to maintain a long-term relationship with your chosen agency partner. If you appoint an agency on short-notice and then leave the relationship to stagnate, you could be missing out on important benefits that an outsourced partner can provide.

When the pressure’s on, having an agency engaged can be invaluable. However, even when things are quiet, an experienced recruitment partner can help in other ways. By working with you on developing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), streamlining your recruitment processes, or implementing new approaches such as Agile Recruitment, an expert recruitment partner can help you improve your overall performance ready for the next big push. They can also provide post recruitment analysis, quality feedback and recommendations for efficiencies in your internal processes, helping you deliver better results over the long term.

Could greenbean be your perfect recruitment partner?

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